[OSAKA, JAPAN] Genrokuzushi Sennichimae: A Budget Conveyor Belt Sushi

Date of Visit: November 2019

Location: 2-11-4 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka Osaka Prefecture

While Mai and I were looking for an inexpensive conveyor belt sushi in Dotonbori, I remembered that in my July visit I was able to take a few photos of a place where it has Sushi. I scanned through my phone and found a restaurant that has blue signage. We went through this street (see image below) and Genrokuzushi is just a few meters away from here.

Dotonbori Osaka Japan (6)

Dotonbori, July 2019.


Genrokuzushi at night.

What to expect:

  • If you want to eat here, make sure to be here as early as you can. We queued up for almost an hour to enter the restaurant.
  • The place is kind of small, that’s why everyone’s queueing up for this.
  • The restaurant is only open until 10:30 PM (Subject to change).


Inside Genrokuzushi Sennichimae.

What’s on the menu: 


These are all the JPY 125 sushi. 



Tea for sale.



For take-away.




  • Yellow Plate – JYP 200
  • Red Plate – JPY 125

I am not a Sushi fan, so thanks to Mai trying to convince me to eat and at least try. No regrets, I loved it. If you are in a budget while travelling in Osaka and wanted to eat Sushi, Genrokuzushi Sennichimae is for you.

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