Mati, Davao Oriental: 5 Things to Do in Mati

2015 Recount

A few years ago, we went to Mati City for my sister’s birthday–it was just a 24 hour, quick visit to Davao Oriental. Mama was very apprehensive on this idea because we do not know how to swim and one police stations was just attacked and bombed.

On getting there:

  • From Davao City Ecoland Terminal or Tagum Overland Transport Integrated Terminal, take a bus to Mati, Davao Oriental.
  • Bus fare: P200 – P300

Where to Stay? When we went to Mati in 2015, there were no several resorts in Dahican yet. There’s only Amihan sa Dahican and Dahican Surf Resort. By that time, the public beach is available and to stay there is at your own risk.

  • We rented a tent overnight for P300 (this might have changed over the years) @ Amihan sa Dahican or you could simply tap Winston Plaza if you need accommodation.
  • Dahican Surf Resort is just beside the Amihan sa Dahican.

Here are 5 things to see and do if you are in Mati City for a quick visit.

Mati, Davao Oriental
The Sleeping Dinosaur Island
Since we went here by a public transportation, we asked the bus conductor if it’s possible to drop at the Sleeping Dinosaur for a few minutes—but then he allowed us to drop at the location and told us to just let the next bus see our tickets so that we will not pay again.
Mati, Davao Oriental
Visit Subangang Museum – Davao Oriental Provincial Museum
Mati, Davao Oriental
Municipal Baywalk Park, Mati City
Mati, Davao Oriental
Dahican Beach
Mati, Davao Oriental
Learn surf with the kids at Amihan @ Dahican.


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