A Quick Look Back: Seven Years, Seven Takeaways

A Quick LookBack Seven Years, Seven Takeaways

My postings reflect my own views and do not necessarily represent the views of my employer.

First day. 2013.

On June 17, I turned 7 years with Accenture. I didn’t expect I reach this long… Here are my 7 takeaways in 7 years with ACN, and maybe the same reasons why I reached up to this year.

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My first team in June 2013.

Always define your yearly goals with your manager and supervisor. Know what you want as the days and years pass by. Always set a quarter review or a focus group discussion with your manager/team if there’s something to be discussed. If you need a career change or change of roles, discuss with your supervisor, and weigh things out. Be vocal.

Corporate Life
Coffee break: Our kind of performance discussion… Kidding aside, we are still doing it inside the office.

You always have the right to rest. Take vacations. Go offline. Go on sick leave if you do not feel better. Always take care of your mental, physical, and spiritual health. It should go first. You can’t work properly if you do not have a sound mind. It’s always good to have hobbies and activities outside work.

Corporate Life
Team outing, team building in Bantayan Island. 2018

Expand your network. Make friends. Always have a support group. Our jobs are stressful, yet our friends are there in times of need. Group lunch and small talks are always helpful for destressing. In addition, it’s always better to have friends outside the office. You gain friends and you lose some of them. It’s always part of growing up. 🙂

Corporate Life
Women Empowerment! 2018. #WomenofTech
Corporate Life
Project A in 2018. December 2019.

For feedbacks, when you are being asked, give your best constructive criticism. Be sensitive to others’ capacity. Not everyone could take strong criticisms as you. Know how to properly convey things of improvement as some couldn’t just take it and accept it right away. Eventually, you will know how to profile your team’s temperaments and personalities. Simple recognition can always boost one’s self-esteem.

Corporate Life
Hard work pays plus I won a Smart TV! Yay! August 2016

If you received a compliment, be thankful, if it’s a criticism and opportunities, take time to work it out and see how it progresses. Never be afraid of feedback. It’s one way to improve ourselves.
Always do your job without compromising its quality, no matter how bad the management is. At the end of the day, it will still be always your performance that matters. Always deliver what you can, exceed your goals if you could. If you are in an improvement program, you can rest for a week or two, but then make sure to take much of your time to progress, keep up, never back down, and show everyone your worth.

Corporate Life
After examinations for our Project C2. 2017.

Don’t stop learning. The company will always give you options for training, workshops, and certifications. Take it. Don’t be too complacent as we don’t know what will happen next. At the end of it, it’s always you who will benefit everything. Volunteer to something if you want and need to learn. Do not wait, as sometimes, it’ll not happen. Be proactive.

Corporate Life
My first year-end party, where I won an iPad mini! Yay! 2013.

Know your worth, always.

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  2. Goodday as a beginner i don’t have a lot of followers so can i please receive support from acquaintance so my project can receive support from users worldwide ..
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