[SINGAPORE] 13 Things I Learned in Singapore

[Rewritten] Back in April – May 2013, after I resigned in BPO, I had a chance to stay in Singapore for 2 months, and here are the 13 things that I have learned in SG:


1. LAW & ORDINANCE: Obey the rules so that you will not be fined.
While walking around China Town, I saw a lot of key chains, t-shirts, bags, etc that says “Singapore: A Fine City”… to the extent that you have to pay $1000 for just one of the offenses that you will commit. So to enjoy your vacation, learn all the criminal offenses first so that you’ll not end up paying your allowance to them 

2. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Buses will not wait for you.
I think it’s one of their rules that you buses have to load/unload as long as there are passengers that will ride & unload. Unlike here in PH, there are a lot of drivers who are waiting up until 30mins just to add more passengers. They even have to squeeze everyone in. Instead of 6-seaters, it becomes 9-seaters. I think it’s an SOP for the buses not to stay that long in a specific station. If you miss the bus, for sure your schedule on that day will mess up.

(The good thing here in PH, we don’t really have to wait that long for another bus/jeepneys to arrive.) Twas really fun running going to the bus stations/subway just to catch the bus & train (For tourists, maybe).

3. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. ONLY TAXIS are available after 1230MN
If you don’t want to spend FLAG DOWN + METER + 50% for your fare, be sure to go home earlier than 1230 for you to catch up the last trip of the trains/buses.


Last time, we sent off my cousin to the airport for her 2AM trip. So at 12AM we decided to eat something and to think of that the last bus going to Woodlands is at 12:20… So we went back to the bus station at 12:15… Shoot! The last bus was already off… Since we didn’t want to pay almost $50 for the taxi, we just roamed around & stayed at T1, joined some of the passengers who were sleeping there and wait for the first trip of the bus at 5:45AM.


Familiarize the MRT Maps.

singapore (6)

Since there are a lot of exit points in every MRT Station, you should know where to go out so that you won’t wasn’t time searching for the exact location. Though those exits are just near to each other.

5. FOOD: There are a lot of Hawker in the area. ‘Hawker’ or in PH it’s called carenderias. So you could find cheaper foods there.

MUST TRY: MAKAN SUTRA – Though it’s like a typical Hawker but at night you’ll see how nice Makan Sutra is. It could be found near Esplanade. If you want to dine there, you should be early because at 7PM you could hardly find seats, especially if you are with the group.

singapore (3)

6. SHOP: If you are looking for pasalubongs, never miss Bugis Junction and China Town. It’s like Divisoria or Baclaran.
Since they do have factory outlets, for sure you could find some good offers. (Y)
7. GROCERY: There’s Giant & Fair Price, they do offer great prices

8. GADGETS: Anywhere, you could find good offers. You might also ask for the last price. If you want a second hand, you could go to China Town or meet someone from eBay, since second hand phones in Singapore are not that over-used, it still in its good condition.

9. GST/REBATE: Here, if you bought a hundred and over in one store alone, you could get rebates for 7%. You have to ask the cashier for the GST Receipt so that it will be honored in the airport.

10. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS: Make sure to bring your boarding pass so that you can avail the 7% off. Entrance Fee: 74 Sgd

11. NIGHT LIFE: Haven’t been to Geylang yet but they said it’s the red light district. Anyway, if you just really want to have fun, eat, meet new people with different races go to Clarke Quay.

singapore (8)

12. ACCOMMODATION: If you have friends, it’s really good to just stay with them, just give them a love gift or something. But if you are really looking for a low-budget hotel, you could try to search something in China Town, near to everything. Also, try travelmob (fan page in facebook), it offers a lot of discounts.

13. SENTOSA ISLAND: If you are heading to Sentosa, it’s a big island full of Fun & Excitement. So if you plan to go to Universal Studios give it one day for that, the rest another day for that.
A lot of things and activities to do in Sentosa, so be sure to itemized everything before going there so that you’ll not spend your time thinking on what to do and what not. 
There are also public beaches in Sentosa, the Palawan Beach, Siloso and the Bora-bora, that’s almost and the end of the island.
You might also want to take some of their brochures for a lot of offers.
ENTRANCE FEE: Sgd3.50 /You can actually use your top-up card here.

singapore (4)

So before going to Singapore (or anywhere) make sure that you already did a lot of research on what to do, how much is the entrance fees and possible fees for you to avoid wasting time walking and thinking.

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