[IFUGAO] Batad View Inn & Restaurant: A humble abode in the middle of the rice fields

Address: Batad,Banaue, Ifugao, 3601 Banaue, Philippines

Date of Stay: December 20-21, 2018

It’s a “No credit card needed to book. We’ll send you an email confirming your reservation.” kind of reservation in Booking.com which is very convenient

I arrived in Banaue at 8:00 in the morning, and while I was on the bus, I have seen few hosts with the name of their guests on its paper. I haven’t seen mine, so I asked the guy who’s holding a paper for 2 guest for Batad Transient House if Batad View Inn & Restaurant also does the same thing… so he just told me to go with me and we’ll wait for the other guests so that we can divide the fare to and fro Batad. Prior to that, I texted the property’s phone number if how can I get to the property, they just told me to go to the tourism center.

That’s one good thing if you have a reservation. According to Scott, our tour guide, since we were only 2 in the trike, we paidP700  for two-ways, not bad at all, I guess.

The property is only 20 minutes away – trek from the jump-off point. Ramon Home Stay and Batad View Inn & Restaurant is just in one compound.

The Restaurant


Who won’t love this view? 

Batad View Inn & Restaurant aerial view (Shot by Jean L.)

Feel at home.

The Food: You have an option if you want to include a breakfast with your room booking. Price ranges from P80.

The Accommodation So far, I really didn’t have any issues with the room accommodation. The shared room that I was assigned to has 1 single and 1 double bed. No fan, no AC-just what I need. It wasn’t hot though. No toiletries were given to me, but that didn’t degrade my stay. Hot & cold shower is available.

Rooms are good for single, couples and families.

View from my room.

One of the Ifugao houses around Batad.

Overall, the property is one of the top choices in Batad. Easy access to the village and when it comes to food, you’ll not look to other places in the village any longer.

Book here: Booking.com and you’ll get a 10%of from your booking once it’s completed.

Link: https://www.booking.com/s/13_6/a0e075b3

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