[CEBU] Mt. Mauyog: Team Hades’ Mother Mountain

Hike Date: May 10, 2018

On getting to Mt. Mauyog via Eskina Manunggal

  • From Ayala Terminal, take a v-hire to Balamban and drop at Eskina Manunggal = (1 hour and 30 mins) = P120
  • From Eskina Maunggal, take a motorcycle to the foot of Mt. Mauyog = (25 mins) = P100/head
  • Mt. Mauyog Fees:
    Entrance Fee = P50
    Guide Fee = P300/5 persons, available in the jump-off.

Hike Notes:

  • There are stores in the jump-off.
  • Ascend – descend will only take 2-3 horus depending on your pacing.
  • Toilet rooms are available for a fee. No shower.
  • If you will pass through Tabunan, you need to pay for their fee: P20 environmental fee + P300/guide fees plus when you arrive at Mt. Mauyog–you need to pay for another environmental fee and guide fee. 
  • Policies, rates & fees change.
  • Leave no trace. Respect wildlife.
I remembered last year, we planned to reach Mauyog’s peak, when we decided not to—-just at the foot of Mt. Mauyog… that was the time when we already paid the environmental fee and guide fee from Tabunan and when we arrived at the foot of Mt. Mauyog we were again asked for another P30 for the entrance fee, P20 environmental fee, P300/guide and we were 15. To make the story short, we trekked to Mt. Manunggal’s camp site, back to Cantipla. We didn’t reach any peaks on that day.
I was very happy that this time, finally, I was able to set foot in Mauyog Peaks… together with my project’s teammates. We went on a Thursday and we were pretty blessed that there is no mob in Mt. Mauyog–it was just us. We arrived at the foot of Mt. Mauyog at 8:30 AM after the roller coaster v-hire ride. Since we waited for Ate Joan, we started to climb at 10AM.
It actually rained the night before we climbed, yet it didn’t discouraged us to pursue the plan.

Where everyone hugged the tree.

The trail isn’t that difficult, but not that easy as well, so you really have to be careful.

To the first peak–

Mauyog’s Small Brain.


So we thought that—that completed our hike, when we were informed that there is still the Big Brain-

Trail to the Big Brain.

..Welcome back to the mountains, Al!

How hot is hot?

Haha, thank you, payong!

This is how the big brain looks like.

It’s almost 11:30 and it seems everyone is exhausted due to the heat of the sun——we decide to descend. While we were along our way to the jump-off, we decided to have our lunch at Baluarte ni Alfredo. It was easy to go down rather than going up. Most of us slipped along the way—-none were spared.

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