[CEBU] What’s inside Balwarte ni Alfredo?

Balwarte ni Alfredo has been one of the most visited/stopped cafes of the motorists of the Cebuanos. Right after our Mt. Mauyog hike, Ate Joan suggested to have our lunch in Balwarte ni Alfredo. Everyone was pretty tired and exhausted during the hike. I was amazed with how the home was designed. It’s a renovated antique house in the middle of Gaas – Balamban.

Visit Date: May 2018

When we arrived, everyone already ordered to feed our hungry stomachs. 

What’s inside the house?

The long, family table– Who cannot unnoticed the vintage stuff inside the house?

P.S: Food prices start at P60, and I loved their Tinolang Bisaya na Manok

A bed or a couch?

Vintage & wooden collections.

Vintage & wooden collections.

-and a vintage phone.

Vintage wall decors.

Now, let’s go to the second floor— when we went there, it’s still under construction.

A beautiful overlooking at Toledo’s… I just love how they put these pieces beautifully even though they aren’t similar to each other.

…and a table for a small group in the corner.

As of MAY 2018, the 2nd floor isn’t fully functional yet, but guest can be able to check it around.

It’s already past 2PM, and still we can’t get enough for that day’s activity. We– decided to continue and maximized our day, so we went to Mountain View and took a dip on their newly renovated swimming pool.




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