[CEBU, VISAYAS] Five Friendly Hiking Trails in Cebu

I am just grateful to meet new friends who loved to do both: Katkat (Hike) da Laag (Stroll). These peaks are just on my list until I met these guys. For the past few months that I indulged myself in hiking, here are my Top 5 Friendly Trails that you can even bring your kids with. I surely will get envious with those kids that at their young age, their parents are encouraging and exposing them to the mountains. Up until now, my parents aren’t allowing me to hike—-and that’s on a different page…
Again, below are my Top 5 Friendly Peaks around Cebu island.
Aside from the famous Sirao Peak in Cebu City, below are my top 5 list friendly and easy hikes that I experienced for the past few months:
This is the easiest and the nearest peak in Cebu City, however if you want your visit to be more challenging, there’s a trail or boulder trail going to Budlaan, Talamban—and at the end of the trail you can take a dip in Budlaan Falls. It might be difficult to locate the trail of the boulders however if you really want to experience the boulders, there are several mountaineering groups who’s going through this trail.
On getting there:
Take motorcycle ride from JY to Sirao Peak = P50-60/way vice versa.
Hike your way up to the peak, it will only take you 15-20 minutes to reach the peak.
It will only take you 15 minutes to reach the peak.
1. Mt. Mauyog & Mt. Manunggal, Balamban, Cebu
From the last time I visited these mountains, aside from the expensive fare going to their locations, you also need to pay for their hefty fees. However, upon reaching these peaks, you’ll never regret paying those and just hope that those fees will go to the right allocations.
On getting to Mt. Mauyog or Mt. Manunggal
  • From Ayala terminal, ride a v-hire for P120 and drop at Eskina Sunog.
  • From Eskina Sunog, you may opt to ride a motorcycle or habal2 going to either the foot of Mauyog or Manunggal for P60-P80
Mt. Mauyog Fees:
  • Guide Fee: P400 for 5 persons
  • Entrance Fee/Environmental Fee: P30/person
Mt. Manunggal
  • Guide Fee: P400 for 5 persons
  • Entrance Fee (Entrance & environmental fees): P80
  • You can spend half day to reach these peaks unless you opt to just hike and trek from each point..
2. Dalaguete Peaks – Osmena Peak, Casino Peak, Kandungaw Peak (Lovers & Sunset Peaks)
Scenic Peaks all the way. There’s a lot of options on how to get to these peaks at once but some of my friends did. I had a different route back then to visit these peaks. Previously, I we spent an overnight and traverse from Osmena Peak to Badian, reason why on my second visit, we just went to Brgy. Maloray where these 3 peaks are situated.
On getting there (Kandungaw Peak, Sunset Peak, Lovers Peak):
  • From South Bus Terminal, ride a bus for P120 and drop at Eskina Dalaguete
  • From Eskina Dalaguete to Brgy. Maloray (Kandungaw Peak, Sunset Peak, Lover’s Peak) = P300 roundtrip via motorcycle.
  • Entrance fee: P15
  • Guide Fee: The association doesn’t have a fixed price for the guiding service fee yet.
  • Expenses is be lesser if you go with the group and will hire a chartered cab.

You need to spend a whole day to reach these 5 peaks.

3. Mt. Naupa, City of Naga
If you want to go out-of-town for hiking, you might want to consider Mt. Naupa, the highest peak in the City of Naga. It has a child friendly trail, without breaking your pockets. In addition, if your timing is good, there’s a sea of clouds in this peak.
On getting there:
  • Ride a bus from Cebu South Terminal to Rikio Corner for P60
  • Take a motorcycle or habal2 from Rikio Corner to Brgy. Cogon (the jump-off point) is P50 vice versa.
4. Mt. Mago, Carmen, Cebu
Want to experience the ‘3 Places At Once’ moment? It’s a border mountain-  Head your way to Mt. Mago. It’s a 2-3 hour ride to Carmen.
On getting there:
  • Take a bus from North Terminal Bus to Carmen for P120 vv
  • Ride a motorcycle from Carmen Public Market to Brgy. Santican for P100 for 30-minutes. Vv

Side trip: You may go to Luyang Beach and take a dip. No public shower in the area.

5. Toledo City Peaks (Tagaytay Hill, Udlom Peak, New Bocau)
One of the most scenic mountains that we have been so far. We’ve been to 3 peaks with an overlooking of Malubog Lake in Toledo. It has a very friendly trail even to the youngsters If you want to go to these peaks, you might need to contact Ms Beth Dacuma (Facebook: Teacher Traveller PH) for providing us support & guide to these peaks.
On getting there:
  • Take a bus from South Bus Terminal to Sangi or Toledo City: Php65 NONAirCon / P85 AirCon / P100 v-hire vice versa.
  • Ride a jeepney from Toledo City/Sangi to Casoy: Php20 vice versa.
  • If you want to experience a ‘top-load’, come to General Climaco!

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