[TABUELAN, CEBU] Maravillosa Beach Park, Tabuelan

Visit Date: September 2017

On getting to Maravillosa Park, Tabuelan:

From North Bus Terminal, take Memie bus for P100 as it will drop you in-front of Maravillosa Park. It takes 3-4 hours when riding on a public bus.


  • North Bus Terminal – Brgy. Maravilla, Tabuelan = P100/person vv
  • Entrance Fee (Includes pitching of tents) = P300
  • Coffee, Food & Drinks = P300
  • Lunch = P40

Finally, it’s one of our Sundays that we didn’t have a climb event, yet the team had their Basic Mountaineering Course Training at Family Park- Talamban by Sr Joel of USCM. I wasn’t able to attend the training yet I was very overwhelmed to hear positive feedback about it. I might attend next time. Anyway, since we have nowhere to go on that evening and everyone was on their full packs, we decided to head to head to Tabuelan.

It was a 3 hours travel time from North Bus Terminal to Maravillosa Park. When we arrived at the public beach, one guy approached us for the fees, it’s P100/tent. We were 5 and we had 4 tents.We were looking for a cheaper accommodation and our feet led to the store just beside the public space… in front of this store, it costs P300 and it already includes pitching of xx tents and up until how late you will be packing up. This store seems to be the only 24/7 store in Maravillosa. Grilling area is available beside the store. Showers and comfort rooms are available beside the barangay hall for I think P5-10. Below are some snippets that we had during our 15 hours-stay in Maravillosa Park.

Good Morning, Tabuelan!

maravillosa beach park - tabuelan (11)

Four tents for P300.

maravillosa beach park - tabuelan (7)

Prolly this is the only place that has a pool in this Maravillosa.

maravillosa beach park - tabuelan (3)

Early morning stroll.

maravillosa beach park - tabuelan (5)

maravillosa beach park - tabuelan (6)

maravillosa beach park - tabuelan (4)

maravillosa beach park - tabuelan (2)

Bathrooms and comfort rooms are situated beside this barangay hall.

maravillosa beach park - tabuelan (10)

maravillosa beach park - tabuelan (9)

Off to Cebu [Insert Chunyang].

maravillosa beach park - tabuelan (12)

Thank you for the wonderful night!If you are tired of going to the same places all over again, here’s one of the gems of the North – white sand, clear beach and less people and it’s only 3 hours away from Cebu city. 🙂 The place is also good for team buildings and family outings.

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