[CEBU, VISAYAS] Mt. Manunggal: To the Peak!

Mt. Manunggal – Tabunan Trail
Hike Date: 21OCTOBER2018

Expenses (aside from BYOBaon & Foods)

  • Ayala Terminal – Eskina Sunog = P120
  • Entrance & Other Fees = P80
  • Guide Fee = P400/5pax
  • Chartered Multi-cab from Tabunan = P1400/11pax (P127)


6:00 AM – 7:30 AM Assembly Time at Ayala Terminal
7:45 AM – 8:45 AM ETD/ETA Ayala – Eskina Sunog
8:45 AM – 10:45 AM – ETD/ETA Mt. Manunggal Camp Grounds
10:45 AM – 11:15 AM – Rest/Relax/Recharge
11:15 AM – ETD Camp Grounds
11:45 AM – ETA Mt. Manunggal Peak
11:45 AM 1:00 PM – Lunch & Socials
1:00 PM – Descend to Guining Falls
3:45 PM – ETD Guining Falls
4:00 PM – ETA Tabunan
5:00 PM – ETA Jy Square


It has been 3 years when I first stepped in Mt. Manunggal. I joined one of their festivals in 2013 together with Prince, Jaymarc and the other folks. I could remember the fun and activites that we had during that camp. I had fun, but I wasn’t able to stepped on the peak. I thought that’s just the Mt. Manunggal. Later did I realize that there’s more than the camp grounds.
On August 12 this year, we again passed by Mt. Manunggal’s camp grounds when we attempted to set foot in Mauyog, but we weren’t able to reach the peak because of the rain.
Few months passed by and I am not at eased that Manunggal’s peak has been so near yet it seems too far… and finally there was one Saturday when one from the team decided to go to Mt. Naupa, and Allen borrowed my tent–just a perfect timing to not make new plans… besides, there are still several people from the team who weren’t able to reach the peak yet.
On Saturday-October 21, out of a spontaneous plan, we decided to at least by this time we need to reach the peak. Jackie, Ray and I, together with the other 8, we trekked under the scorching heat. This time, we passed by the main entrance or from the Eskina Sunog. We were obliged to pay for the P80 for the environmental and other fees plus P500 for the local guide. Previously, Mt. Manunggal doesn’t need to have a guide. This wasn’t implemented before, but since according to them, it’s from the DENR policy, then we just followed.


It has been an hour and a half from the corner to the camp grounds…


… and another hour from the camp grounds to the peak. The first 2 hours weren’t that challenging… but once you’re about to reach the peak, there’s the real challenge.




… and we’re almost there!


Finally, I’ve finally reached Manunggal’s peak on my 3rd visit!IMG_5692






Since there are still other people in the peak, we opted to traversed to Guining Falls.


On our way to Guining Falls.



And that is Guining Falls! (haha, sorry I was really too tired to take the whole view 😀 )


Homeward bound!


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