[PALAWAN] El Nido, Palawan: 2D/2N To Do, Itineraries & Expenses

My El Nido Itinerary & Expenses
Travel Date: 29MAR – 01APR | 2Nights & 2Days | Solo Travel

Gone are the days that I was looking for someone to go with me. As Henry David Thoreau said, ‘The man who goes out alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait ’til the other is ready’.

El Nido, Palawan
EL NIDO 2D/2N; Side trip: Half day in Puerto Princessa
Solo Trip
Day Time Itinerary/ToDo/Activites Price (Php)
29-Mar-17 10:00 AM IT Park – Mactan Airport 200
11:30 AM ETA Puerto Princessa Airport
4:00 PM ETA El Nido (via v-hire) 500
Checked-in at Pawikan Hostel (Dormitory Type) 700
6:30 PM Dinner & Drinks along El Nido shoreline 150
30-Mar-17 7:30 AM Tour A & C Combination + Overnight Camp via Lagum Adventures 2500
Snorekling Gear rent 100
Pasalubong (Affordable pasalubongs can be found in Puerto Princessa) 500
Cellphone Protector 100
Kayak in Small Lagoon 500/2pax 200
Overnight Camp beside 7 Commando Beach (Includes 2 meals & drinks)
31-Mar-17 9:00 AM Shuttle Van to Nacpan Beach – 300/way 300
Lunch 200
Drinks 50
1:30 PM ETD Nacpan Beach – El Nido Mainland 300
Shake 50
Shower 25
5:00 PM ETA El Nido to Puerto Princess 500
8:00 PM ETA Puerto Princessa
8:30 PM Chao Long w/Tim Oyos 250
1-Apr-17 Morning Crocodile’s Famr 40
Souvenirs 200
2:20 PM ETD Palawan – Cebu
4:00 PM ETA Cebu
What didi I miss? •Taraw Cliff = P500/person + you should bring your own shoes.
•Some islands of Tour A & C
•Tour B
•Tour D
•Las Cabanas = P150

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