[BOHOL] Pandanon Island: A Paradise in the Middle of Bohol and Cebu

Visit Date: March 2016/April 2017

If you are going to Pandanon Island as a group, it’s better to have a boat reservation ahead. The owner or the boatman will advise you on where to go to meet them. In our case, the we had our reservation 1 day before our travel date. We just wen to SM City Cebu, looked for a v-hire going to Pandanon Island and paid P80 each going to the port.


  • Boat – P3000
  • V-Hire – P150 vv
  • Food & Drinks – P150
  • Fare – P150
  • Cottages P250-300

It was actually my second visit to Pandanon Island. I made it last year with ex-teammates, and this year, it’s still with my team, this time it’s with our manager.

The boat trip is almost about 1.5 hour from the Jetafe port. It was a long ride in a very noisy motor-banca. Upon arriving on the island you will be paying P150 for your entrance fee and cottage fee is P250.

Pandanon Island Bohol

Welcome to Pandanon Island, ruin # 1.

Pandanon Island Bohol

Our rented motor-banca from Jetafe port.



The island has locals yet on the other side it is where the resort is located. There are ruins on the island and you can also unnoticed the cottages that are still under construction yet it looks like ruins too.

Pandanon Island Bohol 3

Pandanon Island Bohol 6

Cottages for rent.

Pandanon Island Bohol

Another ruin, or might be an incomplete business just behind the cottages.

It has very clear water and it also has a mini-sand bar where everyone enjoyed walking to and fro.

Pandanon Island Bohol

Pandanon Island Bohol 2


Who will not be tempted to swim?

Pandanon Island Bohol 5

In the middle of our trip, the boatmen allowed us to swim in the midst of Bohol and Cebu.

There are stores in Jetafe port that offers a shower for P20 where they offer only a pail of water. So, conserve. đŸ™‚


Since we still hade a few more hours before the evening came, we asked our driver to drop us at the 10000 Roses to see whatever inside it. Since it was new, it has a lot of people at that time., but you can still feel the serenity, far away from the hustle of Cebu City.

10000 Roses Mactan Lapu-Lapu City

Sunset watching at 10000 Roses in Lapu-Lapu City.




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