[LEYTE] Kalanggaman Island: Sleep under 5 mil stars!

Travel date: May 2015 | Group Travel


  1. Make sure to have reservation before going there. You may contact the local LGU about it since they are limiting guests in the island.
  2. Know the boat trips. As of this time-MAY2015, I know only MV Medallion has trips at 9PM/night Cebu – Palompon, and 9AM Palompon – Cebu and Cokaliong every TTh at 8:45PM.
  3. No fresh water in the island. During our visit, the boat that we rented gave us 2 gallons to use for our wash-up, etc.
  4. For pump boat trips, they do have 15PAX/3500. For this, better talk with the LGU officer about it.

The Trip

  1. Cebu – Palompon, Leyte: Cokaliong boat will depart Pier 1, Cebu City at 8pm for P320 only. It then arrived at 12:30MN at Palompon Port.
  2. You may opt to stay in the boat until the sun rises.
  3. At 5AM, their market is already open wherein you could buy what you want for Kalanggaman Island. For us, we spent 250/7heads for the food and drinks > : )
  4. We had our trip at 9AM and we reached there at almost 10 as well. We had a safe and sound trip.
  5. They do have cottages for 300-500, but no private rooms available.
  6. They do have beds/lantay-P50 and tables – P30 for rent.
  7. Since we just bought few drinks, we didn’t have a choice but to purchase from there. They are selling theirs from P100-110, so better if you have already those from the mainland.
  8. The island has a stunning view of the sunset. You will see how the skies play its colors. Don’t miss the chance to see it- at the other side of the beach.
  9. Beach Activities: Kayak & Stand Up Paddle
  10. At night, since there are no private rooms there, you may hang your hammock, bring your tent with you, or much better if you just sleep with a blanket of stars (you might want to bring insect repellant though).
  11. Network: On the other side of the beach, you could get an internet signal there.
  12. One of the most forbidden activities there aside from leaving our wastes is to swim on the very end of the sand bar, it’s because of the rip tide. It’s better to be careful, than to lose our lives.
  13. Upon going back to Cebu City, since Cokaliong doesn’t have a trip on that day, then we opted to sail with Medallion. It’s for 9AM – 2:30PM at 350Php – Sitting, 390Php – With Bed.
  14. Below are just some snippets during our Kalanggaman Island trip.

^ We arrived in Palompon at 2AM. You could actually stay in the boat until the sunrise, but since Babida was with the Medallion, we decided to meet up and had our rest at Palompon Liberty Park, where the boats to Kalanggaman Island are.

Palompon Liberty Park

^ Before the sun came up, we went to their market to buy our foods and drinks– for midday snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and midnight snack. Budget: 250/7 heads.

Palompon Wet Market

^ Kalanggaman Island from afar. It’s a 45min – 1 hr boat ride depending on the sea situation.

^The welcome signage.

^ This pristine, crystal, clear, blue waters will welcome you.

I really enjoyed the SUP. Maybe it’s because of the color of the sea.

^ The Sand Bar.

^ The tip of the sandbar where everyone warned us about.

^The place has a very stunning sunset. I love how the skies play its colors. Kalanggaman has one of the best view of sunsets in Visayas.

^And the night is young, so are we. Chilling under the blanket of the stars. – And we have signals here, and that spoiled our night.

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