How To Get an LTO Student Permit in 2020 

How To Get an LTO Student Permit in 2020

I’ve finally got my Student Permit in November after many times of attempt since high school, imagine that? 😊 I just can’t seem to get one since my father do not trust me. It was just in November when he cannot drive at all and since I am here in Guimaras/Iloilo and I thought of getting one.


1.1. Filipino citizens [sixteen (16) years of age and above]
1.2. Foreign citizens at least eighteen (18) years old and must have been in the Philippines for at least one (1) month and proof of stay for at least six (6) months
2. Must be physically and mentally fit
3. Must be able to read and write in Filipino or English
4. Must not have unsettled traffic violation


  • First: I called the LTO – Iloilo Office and asked for a schedule for the theoretical course and told me that they have schedule in the next 3-4 weeks, so I just looked for an accredited driving school on Facebook and found a lot, among these was the BMB88. I messaged them and finally scheduled for the Theoretical Driving Course. It’s a 15-hour course for 2 days. Every day, we had an exam which everyone needed to pass. After the course, we were given a TDC certificate. We paid Php 2000 for a 15-hour TDC Course. LTO offers it for free, however check it with your regional office first as some of the LTO offices do not offer this class.
  • Second: I called the LTO Guimaras Province if we can schedule a visit next day, and we were scheduled at 9AM. The lady told me that we should ready our Medical Certificate from an accredited clinic. Good thing, there’s just a clinic in front of the capitol.
  • Third: We went to the LTO Guimaras Province and was rejected because we didn’t have an ID stating that we are from Guimaras. It was disappointing. The supposed to be 20-minute process turned to be a pain in the ass. Ards and I had only passport and LGU IDs which weren’t honored. So, we went back home and planned to do it after lunch. I called Robinsons – Iloilo City and the staff told me that we could come after lunch. We arrived at Robinsons Main, Iloilo City at almost 3PM. We filled out the Application for Driver’s License, prepared our Original PSA, Medical Certificate for Driver’s License, TDC Certificate, Gov’t issued ID, TIN (as I am employed) and submitted it to the staff. When our names were called, we had our pictures taken, paid Php 317.63 and Boom! It’s done in 20-25 minutes (there were only 4 persons when we arrived).

Make sure to photocopy these requirements below:

  • PSA
  • Valid Government issued ID with photo and signature
  • Theoretical Driving Course Certificate

Below is also the snippet from LTO Office at Robinsons Main, Iloilo City.

How to get an LTO Student License

Always check with your LTO office if you are not sure of anything. This is just to avoid disappointments and wasting of time. Now, Ards and I waited until our SP permits will mature for 1 month and 1 day to apply for a Non-Professional’s license. We just enrolled to an 8-hour Practical Driving Course and we will start on Monday, Lord willing.

Here’s the link of complete details:

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