How to Get an LTO Non-Professional License in 2021

  • Age requirements: At least 17 years old.
  • Wear a casual outfit but no sandos, shorts, and slippers.

How to Get an LTO Non-Professional License in 2021

  1. Prepare your Practical Driving Certificate from an accredited LTO driving school and the Student Permit that’s one month old + 1 day.
  2. Get a Medical Certificate (Php 500) from an accredited LTO Clinic.
  3. Fill out the Application for Driver’s License form.
  4. Pay Php 167.63 for the Application Fee and Comp Fee (idk what a compfee is).
  5. Take your examination inside the examination area.  Take note that you can always ask for a version of your exam: English or Tagalog. If the proctor will hand you a Tagalog version, and you’d like an English version, ask for it, vice versa.
  6. Wait for your name to be called for the written exam results.  They will also inform you regarding your practical exam time.
  7. Take your practical exam. Wear shoes. Be calm.
  8. Pay Php 652.63 (License fee and Comp Fee) for your ID.
  9. The LTO officer will take your mugshot, encode your details.
  10. Your LTO ID is done in 5 just 5 minutes. Always remember to KEEP THE RECEIPTS TOGETHER WITH YOUR ID.

Total expenses:

  1. Student Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) with BMB88 – Php 2000
  2. Medical Certificate from an accredited clinic – Php 500
  3. Student Permit + IT Fee (IT FEEEEE) – Php 317.63
  4. Practical Driving Course for Manual Transmission with Imperial Driving (8 hours/2 hours per day)- Php 4000
  5. Medical certificate for non-professional’s license – 500
  6. Nonprofessional’s license application and license fee – Php 819.99
  • Total expenses: Php 8137.62Non pr
  • Disclaimer: Driving school fees and clinic fees differ in every location.

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