[OSAKA, JAPAN] The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – My POV

It wasn’t magical because no magic so far but it was an amazing experience to be in WWoHP! Sure, I missed a lot because of time constraints, but I surely enjoyed WWoHP even for just a short span of time. 

TICKET: It’s included in the Studio Pass, yet if you want to avoid a pretty long line in the Forbidden Journey, you might want to consider to buy an Express Pass. Here’s the link of my story about the Express Pass and this is also to help you weigh if you need it or not.

Universal Studios of Japan

The famous Flying Ford Anglia–before the gate to Hogsmeade.

Universal Studios - Japan

This is the entrance of Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It says “Please Respect the Spell Limits”. It’s the Hogsmeade once you’re inside.

Universal Studios - Japan

On the right side, you can see the famous Hogwarts Express. The exact replica of the train that carriages the students to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to Hogsmeade

Universal Studios - Japan

The Hogsmeade-a combined merch shops and restaurants.

Universal Studios - Japan

Butterbeer sells at JPY 600 – JPY 1500. A non-alcoholic drink that’s good for kids & adults.

Universal Studios - Japan

Remember when everyone was seriously looking for Sirius Black? This is a moving poster!

Universal Studios - Japan

Moaning Myrtle’s abode, uh, este the comfort room inside WWoHP.

Universal Studios of Japan

Which house are you? This was taken right after the Harry Potter ladies’ dance show.

Universal Studios - Japan

The Hogwarts Castle.

The Forbidden Journey ride is inside the castle. Remember the feeling when they first entered the Hogwarts Castle? That how it feels like except for— it was crowded!

The Forbidden Journey: Together with Harry Potter, we were in the team and we were playing Quidditch around/at the skies of Hogwarts Castle, chasing the golden snitch and it has full of dementors along the way. 

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Osaka Japan USJ WWoHP 2

While waiting for the Flight of the Hippogriff  (2 minutes ride) we saw Hagrid’s Hut just beside the ride.

I missed a lot of things in WWoHP yet this is my most favorite part of the USJ!

For more updates regarding WWHoP Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter site.

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