[CEBU] ‘Where to’ in Cebu IT Park

It has been 6 months since I left Cebu City, but my heart still wishes to at least to go back maybe occasionally… I am just not sure if I still can, but part of me will always be a Cebuana. To those who didn’t know, I left Iloilo City/Guimaras in August 2011 to explore Cebu and landed my first job in IT Park until I ended up in my current company. When I started my corporate life, the first building that I spent my interview and training has already been demolished—the only 1-storey building in IT Park and sooner will become a mall

Anyway, if you are relatively new in IT Park, here’s my list or guide on what to do and where to go inside the IT Park:

Where to Eat & Chill?

  1. The Walk
    1. Moon Café
    2. Casa Verde
    3. East West
    4. Music One
    5. La Marea
    6. Shakeys
    7. McDonalds
    8. The Sports Warehouse – Shoes on sale every day!
  1. I1 (front of Park Centrale Building) – Most of the establishments in i1 are 24/7, as well as in i2.
    1. Chowabungga
    2. BO’s
    3. Krispy Kreme
    4. Chopstop
    5. Da Vinci’s
    6. Leylam Shawarma
  1. Park Centrale Building (front of i1)
    1. Greenwich
    2. BurgerKing
  1. Calyx
    1. Barikata
    2. Hikay
    3. Sunburst
    4. Serenitea
    5. Gusto
  1. Garden Bloc (Front of eBloc 2 & eBloc3)
    1. Sugbu Mercado – Opens only on Thursdays – Saturdays (Sometimes Sundays)
    2. Pyramid
    3. Park Social
    4. Yayski
    5. Pipeline
    6. Shaka
    7. Buffalo Brads
    8. Baguio Craft Brewery
  1. Filinvest Cyberzone (Beside eBloc2)
    1. District on 53rd – This establishment is also a coworking space.
    2. BO’s Coffee – Of course, with a wifi.
    3. Chowking
    4. Milk Cow
    5. Jollibee
    6. Dimsum Break
    7. Red Lizard Taqueria – Nachos & Beer!
    8. Abaca Baking Company – Bread sale starts at 10PM.
  1. eBloc1
    1. Wanna Eat
    2. BreadTalk
    3. Zark’s
    4. Pan de Manila
  1. eBloc2
    1. Yellow Cab
    2. The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf
    3. Starbucks
    4. Army Navy
    5. Chattime
    6. Sulbing


  1. Central Bloc – The newest bloc in IT Park, frontof The Walk.
    1. Sachi
    2. Bannaple
    3. 10 Dove Street Confectionery
    4. Boy Zugba


How about a 1AM, 2AM, 3AM, 4AM lunch time? Twas hard for us to decide on where to spend our lunch, but over the years, here are the list on where we eat during these hours aside from Jollibee, KFC, McDo, Chowking, Greenwich, BurgerKing & DImSum Place, here are some of the food place that we loved to dine in:

  1. Chi’s Place – SkyRise 1
  2. Brown Cup – SkyRise 1
  3. Apas
  4. UCMA
  5. TESDA
  6. Yayski – Opens until 3AM.
  7. Chowabungga
  8. A mini food court in Skyrise 2.

Desserts, Tea Houses & Coffee Shops:

  1. Civet Coffee (Scheduled) –

Location: SkyRise 4

  1. BO’s Coffee 24/7 – Wifi

Location: Filinvest & i1

  1. Starbucks (Scheduled)

Location: i1 & eBloc2

  1. The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf

Location: i2 & eBloc2

  1. Serenitea

Location: Calyx

  1. Chatime – WiFi

Location: eBloc2

  1. Sulbing – WiFi

Location: eBloc2

  1. Dove Street

Location: Central Bloc

  1. Dakasi

Location: eBloc3

  1. District on 53rd

Location: Filinvest Cyberzone

  1. Bannaple

Location: Central Bloc

Banks & ATM

  1. Metrobank

Location: TGU

  1. BDO

Location: TGU

  1. Union Bank

Location: TGU

  1. BPI

Location: TGU & eBloc3 (Until 7PM)

ATM: TGU, Teleperformance, Skyrise 2, eBloc1, eBloc3, i2, i1

  1. PNB

Location: TGU

  1. EastWest

Location: Calyx

  1. ChinaBank

Location: SkyRise 3

This is just a very simple guide to those who are new and working in Cebu, especially in IT Park. Hope this helps.

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