[CEBU] Cafe Racer: Team Hades’ Aftershift Lunch Spot

Cafe Racer

Address: North Reclamation Area Mandaue City Cebu opens at 11AM.

Cafe Racer has been one of my favorite restaurants in Cebu. A place to go to if I have friends coming over in Cebu, if we wanted to go to a relax and a rustic themed place. In 2016, I avoided this place until such time I was transferred to a different project. Cafe Racer is just a few meters away from the IT park and since our shift usually ends at 10 or 11, we are the only customers in the area.

If you can see the exterior design of Cafe Racer, it looks like a usual diner in the middle of the deserted road, car wash area with a gasoline station that we can see from the Western movies. Once you’re able to get inside, you’ll see a very creative way on how they made the old cans and car pieces to be the cafe’s table and chairs.

Have you seen those guys at the back? They owned these. 


The Food


What to love in Cafe Racer aside from mentioned above:

It serves beer, for those who drink alcohol, bbq to those who love grilled food, sandwich & burgers and desserts.

Cafe Racer

A place where you can celebrate downtimes & promotions with colleagues-

Cafe Racer

or a quick catch-up with the ladies.

Cafe Racer

Overall, the best place during regular and special times.


Here’ the link for the Cafer Racer Menu from Zomato.

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