My Chungking Mansion Experience

It’s been 4 days since we arrived from Hong Kong and I find myself reading everything about Mirador & Chungking Mansions. The place is very fascinating. It’s an old mansion, full of commercial stalls on the first level, and a very diverse place in the middle of Tsim Tsa Tsui.

Supposedly we will be staying in Kowloon New Hostel at Mirador Mansion, but then upon arrival seemed everything changed because the payment of my friend didn’t go through. The reception area is located at 13th floor of the mansion. I was surprised, of this ‘hostel’ thing in HK, it just that, it’s totally different than in PH. While we were outside the reception area, I was thinking that the place is very similar to public housing in Singapore but then they turned the houses into several, small  rooms.

We went out for a lunch, and it’s very nice to see massive people crossing the streets. It was really fun seeing that. We went around iSquare to look for a very affordable food. We have seen McDo, Pizza Hut, etc—but that costs a lot. In one corner, we saw a noodle house and decided to have noodles for lunch, it only costs 28 HKD. Not bad for first timers, but it’s just very expensive for me. We were looking for hawkers, but then there’s none in that area.

We then went back to Mirador Mansion and took our bags. The receptionist then sent us to the next building—and they are calling it Chungking Mansions. When we entered the place, it has a lot of Indians, Africans (?), and few Pinoys that I could identify. The place somehow smells curry, maybe because of the Indian restaurants inside the mansion. That ‘Ate’ in front of the lift is pinay, selling tickets for Disneyland, Ocean Park, Ngong Ping and Money exchange. It’s nice seeing fellow pinoys in there.

The place has 2 lifts, and we are using the one in left. The receptionist sent us to our room. 16th floor, huh. It’s pretty exciting that we will be in the 16th floor and I will be seeing the skyline of HK and I will be seeing a lot of skyscrapers. We then reached the 16th floor, and I am only seeing 4 doors, the receptionist turned to the exit door which led us to 17th floor, and to my surprise—yes, we will be staying in the 17th floor, and it’s a Fire Exit. So we carried our big trolleys upstairs since there are no lift available.

Chungking Mansion (4)

16th floor – 

In the 17th floor, there are still 4 to 5 doors. Really, everything is surprising. We entered in one door where there 4 rooms inside. The room is very small it has an AC, Hot & Cold Shower, TV and 3 beds (1 bunk bed & 1 single bed), WiFi, with body wash and soap, no cabinet but there are 3 hangers provided, comforters & pillows as well to each of us. Every day, there is a house keeping. Not really cleaning the whole room but they are getting the trash and replenish the tissue. The hot shower is scheduled, so make sure to read the hostel policy.

Chungking Mansion (2)

The hostel policy.

Chungking Mansion (1)

We know, we know– the room was pretty small especially we brought our maletas with us.

Chungking Mansion (3)

Chungking Mansion (6)

Tidying up, before we leave.

There was one day that in our floor, there were several policemen doing an interrogation. IDK with which nationalities, but seems they were totally high. Of course, since I do not understand what they are talking about, I went directly to our room and chatted with my friends about what’s happening outside the hostel—and they even saw it. That scared me. It’s something like I see in the movies—Chinese Policemen Interrogating Foreigners.

Outside the Chungking Mansion is the ped xing going to the iSquare. Before reaching outside, there will be several people who will be asking if you need an accommodation, if you have, don’t mind them. But if you need to ask something very important—maybe about the directions, then you could ask them. Better do some research before going to HK.

I may be going to HK for another vacay, but I am not sure if I can still stay in Chungking Mansion. It’s great for backpackers/budget travelers. But for me– maybe yes. Maybe.

Any thoughts about Chungking Mansions?

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