Things I Bring on Every Long Trek & Hike

Mt. Amuyao
Trail to Mount Amuyao

Philippine Mountains set-up

My usual long hikes are only for 2 nights and 3 days, and I personally haven’t tried a long camping in the mountains (oh, except for our usual 4-5 days church camps). When I started to join hikes, I haven’t had any gear with me. I started with a Jansport bag, cotton shirts, maong shorts, Sperry sneakers, no mess kit and just my toiletries. I am just shared with my friends’ gears. Eventually, since it’s like a bimonthly activity, buying my own is somehow satisfying.

Here are the essential gears on my list for every long climb that somehow let me survived even with only these. The list below is not for self-containment because I usually don’t bring a life/multi tool (this isn’t usually allowed inside the boat or on a hand carry baggage), cook set, butane or gas, and stove—I rely with my friends and guides on this.

  • Bag, rain cover – Even if you have a rain cover, make sure to properly waterproof your stuff. Wet happens!
  • Tent, foot print, or ground sheet – I usually bring my 1P tent for privacy, though sometimes, I join my friends who use a  tarp.
  • Mess Kit: cup, plate & spork – I leave the knives to my friends. LOL
    • Include my water bottle and ion drink
  • Accidents happen, so, always bring your first aid kit with you. Though in one group, this can be assigned to only 1 person, yet, it’s just easier if you have your own kit. You don’t know when you need it, but when sickness calls, at least you are well-prepared.
    • OFF lotion
    • Alcohol
    • Efficasent oil
    • White flower
    • Pain & Sickness Medication: Anti-histamine, Ibuprofen, Loperamide (Biogesic, Neozep/Symdex, Imodium, Mefenamic Acid)
    • Band-aid, betadine & cotton
    • Safety pins- I haven’t used this, but it might be helpful one of these days.
    • Duct tape- I do not bring the whole duct tape, but I usually transfer it to a pen to make it smaller.
    • Salt
    • Gauzes*
  • Mesh & plastic bags for used & wet stuff and also for your trash.
  • Clothes, undies and socks
    • Drifit & quick dry clothes
    • Shirts with cotton material is a comfort during hikes, but dri-fit and quick dry shirts are recommended. This also applies to the shorts & pants.
  • Poncho, windbreaker and or jacket
  • Headlamp or flashlight that uses battery because USB flashlight drains very quickly; powerbank and extra batteries.
  • Personal toiletries, include whistle, however, most of the backpacks right now has whistle, if your bag doesn’t have one, then bring one. Slippers.
  • Sleeping bag; or anything that could warm you at night.

And here’s my last additional item that I realized in the latter: Paracord & extra carabiners – to hang wet/used clothes that you might want to use the next day and other stuff.

What are the other essential items on your list? Let me know!

Mt. Talinis
Trail to Mount Talinis, Valencia, Negros Oriental

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