{CHINA] Visiting China? Fill out the Accommodation Registration Form for Visitors from Overseas within 24 hours.

Travel Date: July 2015

What is an Accommodation Registration Form for Visitors from Overseas? How does this look like?

When I already met the Filipino Community in Dalian, this is where I knew about this law. This isn’t a new law as the vlog suggested in one of the videos that I have seen on Facebook. This has been an existing law that tourists tend to disregard.

Per Ate Sally, when you are planning to go to China and you are planning to stay with a friend, remember that in 24 hours you should go to the police station and register yourself. The image above is the fill-out form that everyone should fill out if they are staying anywhere in China. Once filled out, take a copy of this (take a picture if they won’t give it to you and keep it). If you are staying in a hotel, then it’s the hotel’s prerogative to submit the registration form (the hotel staff might ask for your passport details for them to fill out the other boxes) to the police headquarters–it’s less hassle for you!

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