[CEBU] Mt. Makatol: Living on its name

Location: Lutopan, Cebu

Hike Date: 05APRIL2018

On getting there:

  • From South Bus Terminal, take a bus going to Toledo and ask the driver to drop you at Eskina Landing.
  • Jump-off: Das Village

Expenses (Exclusive of food):

  • Guide Fee: P50/head
  • South Bus Terminal to Eskina Landing via Calvo bus= P50
  • Breakfast & Lunch = At your own expense

After our Easter Week climb, I can’t still get over of not being able to climb Mt. Makatol. That feeling of it’s very near but it seems so far. Looking back at our Easter Hike, a supposed to be a Toledo’s trilodgy but missed Mt. Makatol because we descended from Mt. Kabuwan late and we just decided to hit Puting Bato. Mt. Makatol seemed to be so near yet—-yet we decided not to go through as everyone was already exhausted that day.

The Trail

On this week, Pups, Caloy & Charlie who came from a drinking session on the previous night and never sleep hiked with me together with Dovan. We bought few foods from Eskina Landing and then we proceeded to Das Village to meet our very kind guide. While we are on our way to the basketball court, Dovan met a boy that kept on asking him if where we are going—–  when we arrived at the court, this kid decided to go with us.

Just as expected, rain showers were kinda heavy and we were fortunate to find a shelter under this big rock. We waited until the rain stopped. It was just 15-20 minutes away from the peak.

Shelter in the midst of the heavy rain showers.

The trail wasn’t that easy but wasn’t too hard–


The Summit

We finally reached the peak, from there, you’ll see the height difference of Mt. Makatol than Puting Bato. It was way higher than in Puting Bato. I guess, I’ve already got the reason we didn’t push through Makatol on the previous week. From there, you can see the Atlas Mining and the whole Lutopan as well. It wasn’t just a usual peak or a summit. You really must be careful at the top as if you missed to do the right step, you might fall from where you at.

…because the summit doesn’t have a big space, we needed to fit ourselves in here…

The town of Lutopan at the back.

Atlas Mining from afar.

There were few loving things that caught our attention on that hike, we can barely see these on the other mountains.

First we thought it was a snake, but no, it’s a frog-like snake– ha ha, seriously, the color looks like a snake.

Wrong focus, eh- And a blue bug/insect(?)


Living moss. 😀

…and the stick insect, ooops, don’t get us wrong, the insect stuck to Dovan’s and we left it in there!

We didn’t stay longer at the summit as it was still raining and the space isn’t that big, we decided to go back to the town and take our snacks. We didnt spend much trail food and drinks because there was a lot of shades and it’s wasn’t that hot. Since the trail wasn’t that clear anymore, I had a lot of scratches from this hike because I forgot to wear my arm sleeves. It was itchy-the mountain is living on its name.

Quick refreshment. Didn’t have the chance to grab our snacks while we were on the trail 😀

After our lunch, we went around Lutopan’s cathedral, plaza & market.

Inside the cathedral.

Yay! Mt. Makatol and Puting Bato as our backdrop!

If we only knew during the Easter the time span of hiking Mt. Makatol, we could have hiked that mountain.
Trip Notes:
  • The trek can just be done in a half day, for us, we started at 8 and ended at almost 12nn, that depends on your pacing.is
  • No water source along the trail, so better buy it in the jump-off.
  • Since there were only few people who’s hiking Mt. Makatol, a lot of chance that you need to bring bolo or anything that canc lear up your way. Arm sleeves is a must.
  • In the summit, you’ll only see Lutopan and Atlas mining, not that amazing if you already came from Puting Bato, but you’ll have fun with the trail.
  • Leave no Trace. Respect Wildlife!
  • Just prepare your trail food and H20, you might need it.
  • To maximize your day in Lutopan, it’s better to hit two or three peaks at one stone— Better hit Makatol & Puting Bato at once and if you still have enough time — you can still spend overnight to one of the campsites in Naga or Toledo (Mt. Kalbasaan or Mt. Kabuwan).
  • No CR, but I was able to change essentials in the comfort room near the cathedral.

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