[TOLEDO CITY, CEBU] The Labyrinth at Capilla Santa Ana ​

On getting to Capilla Santa Ana:
From Cebu City:
  • Kamagayan (vHire)- Toledo City = P100/way
  • Gaisano City, Toledo – Capilla Sta. Ana = P7-10

From South Bus Terminal or City of Naga:

  • South Bus Terminal (bus)- Toledo City = P80-P100/way
Gaisano City, Toledo – Capilla Sta. Ana = P7 – P10

via a private car:

  • via TransCentral
  • via City of Naga

If you are in a private car, it might be challenging to locate the chapel since it was surrounded by the tall walls. It’s just a 5-minutes drive from Gaisano. If you think you will get lost, you may always ask the locals or the drivers about it.

Other Expenses:

  • Capilla Santa Ana Entrance Fee = P100


Capilla de Santa Ana


What’s inside the church?

Capilla de Santa Ana

Beside these walls are doors for the showroom and museum of relics where photography is not allowed. I am not a Catholic, so I really do not know what and how to feel seeing those relics but on how the guide discussed those, it seemed to be very important. All pictures below were taken from the mezzanine.



Capilla de Santa Ana

Capilla de Santa Ana

The Labyrinth just beside the church building-

Cebu City - Daytour




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