[CEBU] Mt. Naupa: A Beautiful Start for Starters

Mt. Naupa: A Beautiful Start for the Starters
Location: Mt Naupa, Naga City, Cebu
Hike Date: 23JUL2017
Trail: Brgy Cantao-an – Mt. Naupa – Brgy. Cogon

On getting there & expenses:

  • From South Bus Terminal, ask the driver to drop you at RIKIO Corner – P40
  • Get a habal2 from Rikio Corner to Brgy. Cogon – P50
  • From Brgy. Cogon, you can start your trail to the summit.
  • Mt. Naupa Environmental Fee P20
    Every time you stop at Rikio Corner, there are a lot of habal-habal drivers who always offer people a ride to ‘Naupa’, these drivers will drive you to Brgy. Cogon.

I had a write-up about our hike in Mt. Naupa in 2017, but then that domain was deleted, so I am starting over.

This is my first hike in 2017 in Cebu, and I never thought that from here it birthed a beautiful start of friendship and a love for climbing. I went with Katkat Da Laag (KALAG) group during one of their thanksgiving events in Naupa. The event was in Brgy. Cantao-an, and it’s on the other side of the usual jump-off going to Naupa.
Anyway, the thanksgiving event went well, the group has fun & games for the kiddos and giving of relief goods to the adults. We had our boodle fight in the chapel and after which, we started our trek to Mt. Naupa.

My memory of KALAG’s Thanksgiving in 2017.

In the afternoon, after our outreach, we went to Mt. Naupa. It’s not the usual trail since we started in Cantao-an. Everyone was pretty excited to be in Naupa, however in the middle of the trail no on seemed to know which path to take. πŸ™‚ In short, nawala mi kadali. πŸ™‚ But in the end, we managed to guess the right trail. Fun as they say.



Trail in Cantao-an.


Everyone still wondered on which path to take, eh-

Everyone was comforted when we reached this point:




Because it was raining, this wasn’tΒ  favorable to us.

And finally we reached the ‘ALMOST NAUPA, ALMOST SUMMIT’ point. From here, you can see Naga and Toledo.




From this point, there is still a 20 minute hike to reach the summit.


Below are the snapshots of the peak near to the summit. There was actually a stream of clouds that time πŸ™‚


Mt. Naupa




And finally, we’re off to go home—

Mt. Naupa

The trail…

and the water source…

Mt. Naupa

-And my First Mountain Family.

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