My Lateral Transfer: The Confirmation and Preparation

“So, how does BGC look like? Does it look like an IT Park in Cebu”
First few questions that came to my mind after my confirmation of my lateral transfer. I was informed July 26th and asked me if I can be there on the 30th. I wasn’t ready, it was my friends’ wedding on the weekend, so I asked for another week to prep myself. When I went back to Cebu, I didn’t have any Knowledge Transfer to do nor company-owned stuff to return that makes things easier for me to just leave the project.
It was Monday when I went back to Cebu from Iloilo and it wasn’t still sinking that I’ll be leaving my home for 7 long years—— and I never thought of transferring especially in Manila. Manila wasn’t on my list to work at——- but things do change.
  1. I wanted to go out from the customer-centric project. It’s just not my forte.
  2. My Project 81 ambition.
  3. Change of work environment.
  4. Get out of my comfort zone.
  5. Looking for something I don’t even know what is it.
I sacrificed my comfort zone over these things. My MuayThai practice, I wanted to be a fighter—-inside the ring (haha. Joke ra!), my mountain life and friends—- I know that upon transferring in Manila—-these will change, I can continue but it might take a long time.
Wednesday. Things were slowly sinking in. This is it. My last 3 days in the office. I just can’t wait for Sunday. There’s something that I don’t want to leave but I need. I booked my one way ticket and my hostel for a week. I booked the6AM flight from Cebu on Sunday and booked the most affordable hostel around Kalayaan Avenue- Our Awesome Hostel and asked my cousin if he can pick me up in the airport-RL agreed. My planned seemed to be ironed on my first week.
I went on sick leave on Thursday and Friday, as I guess I will have no contribution on that day as the support team advised me not to take calls anyway.
On Saturday, I dropped off my stuff and mail it to Iloilo. Things that I think I might not need in Manila. It was a mixed emotions knowing that it will be my last day in Cebu and I haven’t had the chance to say goodbye to some of my friends.

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