[CEBU, VISAYAS] Mt. Kan-irag: Every Cebuano’s Mountaineer Playground

On my previous blog, I have written several posts about Mt. Kan-irag, Sirao Peak, Brgy. Malubog to Kabang Falls to Talamban… but since it was already deleted, I’ll try to consolidate those into this post.
Jump-off Point: Sirao Peak
Trail: Sirao Peak – Brgy Malubog – Kabang Falls – Talamban vv
Hike date: September 2017
On getting to Sirao Peak:
There are actually a lot of jump-off point if you want to go to Sirao Peak, however these two jump-offs are our favorite:
  • From JY
    • Take motorcycle ride from JY to Sirao Peak = P50-60/way vice versa.
    • Hike your way up to the peak, it will only take you 15-20 minutes to reach the peak.
    • It will only take you 15 minutes to reach the peak.
    • No entrance fees


  • From Talamban
    • Drop at Gaisano Grand Mall or Sunny Hill, take a habal-habal for only (P20-P50)/person.
    • Environmental fee: P20
For this post, we have started our trail from Sirao Peak – since we spent our night at the peak. Let me start to let you see how beautiful the night is at Sirao Peak:

1st Leg: Mt. Kan-irag Peak – Tieza Botanical Garden [Malubog Trail] – I thought that this is


The rain didn’t stop us. ๐Ÿ™‚ But, I had the heaviest raincoat at that time. I learned my lesson.ย 

The night view.

Good morning, folks! Thank you, Lord for adding this day to our lives.

Sirao Peak’s campsite. Gettin’ ready for the break-camp!

First leg.

The only part that has tall grasses along the way.

And from here, everything’s clear until up to the rain forest.

Lumboy – the other campsite.

We’re almost TIEZA.

For sure, you’ll gonna love its trail.

2nd Leg: Tieza Botanical Garden – Cotcot Riverbed

Finally, TIEZA! There’s a store at the end of this—and that is where we had our breakky.

The CotCot river if I am not mistaken. Loose soil ahead!

3rd Leg: Cotcot Riverbed – Unknown Rain forest Trail

Our first river crossing.


To this rain forestrish trail.

4th Leg: Rainforest Trail – Boulders Jump Off point (The long boulder trail) – Kabang Falls

And finally the boulders!

A lil rest for the team. ๐Ÿ™‚


Seriously, this is the most difficult part of the boulders.

Okay pa, Jack? ๐Ÿ™‚

Yay! Finally, we were able to pass through that— Chunyang and I passed through a very small hole because we don’t want to soak ourselves.

All is well.

Who doesn’t love this part? ๐Ÿ˜€

5th Leg: Kabang Falls/Budlaan – Brg.y Budlaan, Talamban [Baogo Trail]

This part is also very challenging. Try it yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now to Kabang Falls– ALMOST THERE!
There you go! :
It’s time to go home, loves!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Are there any stores on the jump-off point?
  • On the jump-off point there is none, but few meters away is the Sirao Garden and before entering the way to Sirao Peak and there are absolutely stores in the area.
  • After at the entrance of the TIEZA (An exit if you are coming from Sirao), there is one store that sells and cook noodles, pancit canton and serve coffee as well.

Here’s our photo album on our Mt. Kan-irag or Sirao Peak Traverse to Talamban:


Is there any water source at Sirao Peak?

  • No, but you can descend and but few meters away there are stores.

Can you wear ‘Ayala dress-up’ to Sirao Peak?

  • Absolutely, but when you are at the rain forest area, you might get scratches.

Do you need a guide when climbing Sirao Peak?

  • Nope, however if you want to hike up to Talamban, you surely need someone to guide you along the way.

How many liters do I need to bring if I will go to Sirao Peak?

  • From the jump-off point to Sirao Peak is only 15-20 minutes ascend. So you can bring 500ML – 1L,, still it depends on you.

How long is the hike from Sirao Peak – Talamban?

  • It depends on your pace. Normally it’s taking 5-6 hours (including the boulders).

Are there any showers on the jump-off point?

  • No. But you’ll pass through Kabang Falls– you might consider that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Are there any river crossings on this trail?

  • Absolutely. After TIEZA up to Talamban (Boulders)- you need to cross the river.
After several hikes on this trail, we tested our endurance by extending and tweaking our trails from:
(2) Brgy. Budlaan, Talamban to Rustan’s Banawa (Short boulder trail)
(3) Mt. Babag, Brgy. Napo, Guadalupeย  – Temple of Leah, Busay
(4) Rustan’s Banawa – Temple of Leah, Busay
I’ll be covering more of these on my next posts.
Here’s to one of the events that we organized together with the LNT (Laagan na Tikasan) now.
My mountaineering friends: https://www.facebook.com/katkatdalaag

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