My 26th Birthday Summit to Sea Trek


I was looking for an adventure, trike and beaching- I asked a suggestion from one of my Ates, and she referred me to go to Tatlung Pulo.

One of the hidden paradises in Guimaras. Reaching there needs to walk for almost 1.5 kms, papa used to walk with his youth when he was younger, but now–when’s he’s almost 64, he still walked with us under the very bright sun and a mountainous rocky road.

Tip: Before going here, make sure that you all have what you need because the next store is still in the parking area. Actually, you could also ask if there is an available local who could cook for you– in our set-up we were able to bought a tinolang manok–since it was kinda late when we arrived there and there were no available fishes anymore. Anyway that 1.5KM trek going down to the beach was very fun and I have to share some snippets of it. This is how I celebrated my 26th year! 🙂

Crossing the islands.

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