My Bucket List

I have been kicking my bucket lists lil by lil, one by one.

Places to Go & Explore Education Experiences Adrenaline Activities Materials
Explore Thailand Learn a Violin See a big flashmob. Ride a Roller Coaster Own an Apple product
Go to Manila & Baguio Learn a Saxophone Get a job. Plunge Own a Sanuk
Ilocandia Learn American Sign Language Do a recording. Zipline Own a Jansport
Palawan – El Nido & Coron Learn Braille Get a master’s degree. Drive a jetski
Visit Boracay Learn 10 Languages Watch a movie in a cinema house Ride in a Banana Boat
Go to Santorini, Greece Learn Spanish Experience the call center agent life. Parasailing
Visit all the 50 US States Ride in an airplane alone. Paragliding
Experience India Get a cartilage pierce. Scuba Diving
Backpack South East Asia Just at least 5 countries before my 25th Year. Own a house
Have a family vacation in Israel Experience White Christmas Own a car
Follow Paul’s Misionary Journey Route Milk a cow Own a pair of Chucks
Experience Fall Own an Ipanema & Havs from my own pocket
Experience Winter Own a Sperry
Experience Spring Own a Keds
Join a singing contest Own a Starbucks Planner
Swim at the famous Marina Bay Sands Bungee Jumping
Meet a backpacker
Work in F & B or Amusement Park
Be in 2 places at the same time.
Elephant Ride
Marry a faithful believer, just like my father.
To help a charity.
Help old ministers in any way.
Have a basketball ministry/youth/sports foundation.
Experience Universal Studios
Experience Disneyland
Experience Floating Market
Have a perfect teeth.
Work in a bank.
Celebrate my 25th as I didn’t have any celebration on my 18th.
Change Mama’s name
Travel abroad alone
Fund a sports tournament.
Organize a wedding.
Work in Cebu & Visit the beaches.
Work in a multi-national company.

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