Puting Bato: Lutopan’s Monolith ​

PUTING BATO, Lutopan, Toledo City Hike Date: April 30, 2018 On getting to Puting Bato: Take a bus from South Bus Terminal going to Landinganan, Lutopan for P70 Jump off point: Das Village Expenses: Guide: P150 /guide South Bus Terminal - Lutopan: P50 vv We met our guide (Thanks to Mommy Wella) at Das [...]

The Labyrinth at Capilla Santa Ana ​

On getting to Capilla Santa Ana: From Cebu City: Kamagayan (vHire)- Toledo City = P100/way Gaisano City, Toledo - Capilla Sta. Ana = P7-10 From South Bus Terminal or City of Naga: South Bus Terminal (bus)- Toledo City = P80-P100/way 
Gaisano City, Toledo - Capilla Sta. Ana = P7 - P10 via a private car: [...]

Toledo City Peaks: Mt. Tagaytay &Udlom Peak: The Fascinating Toledo ​

Location: Toledo City, Cebu Hike Date: September 25, 2017 On Saturday, September 25, 2017, together with Katkat Da Laag, we went to Toledo City to experience Mt. Tagaytay, Udlom Peak and the Malubog Lake. It was one of the earliest meet-ups that happened since we were starting. 🙂 Glad we were able to left the South [...]