My Application for Japan Multiple Entry Visa is Granted!

Below information is applicable for Philippine Citizens only.  I read a few blogs and in forums that on your 2nd application you can already apply for a Multiple Entry (ME) Visa.  So I tried it myself.  Here’s the timeline: October 17: 11:30 AM: I borrowed money from friends to raise P 100 000. 2:00PM: I went to BPI to ask for Bank Certificate. I used my payroll account. I was issued a bank certificate. 3:00 PM: I returned the money to my friends. October 18: My bank account is now P 0.00 3:00 PM I went to Reli Tours 4:00 … Continue reading My Application for Japan Multiple Entry Visa is Granted!

Osaka, Japan: Planning & Preparation

I first booked a ticket and applied for a visa. I know this is not recommended because there are possibilities that visas will be denied yet I know that I cannot get a good deal such as 5000++ if I will book it right after the visa. Planning: Visa: I was amazed how quick the turn-around time was. I submitted my requirements on June 14, 2019, Friday and they texted me that I can get my visa on June 19, 2019, Wednesday—TWAS A BIRTHDAY GIFT! VISA APPLICATION: The following are the requirements that I submitted to Reli Tours Philippine Passport … Continue reading Osaka, Japan: Planning & Preparation