[BOHOL] 48 – Hours in Bohol

Cebu - Tagbilaran - Panglao // Travel date: July 25-26, 2018 Here's another 48 - hours itinerary in Bohol. This trip was made to happen through the efforts of our guest - Joe and our manager. This was actually my 2nd time in Bohol. Previously it was with my high school classmates and the snippets [...]

[BOHOL] Pandanon Island: A Paradise in the Middle of Bohol and Cebu

Visit Date: March 2016/April 2017 If you are going to Pandanon Island as a group, it's better to have a boat reservation ahead. The owner or the boatman will advise you on where to go to meet them. In our case, the we had our reservation 1 day before our travel date. We just wen [...]