About Me.old


frustrated writer, pianist, violinist & artist.

Presently a 4th-year Bachelor of Science in Information & Technology student.

^^ And that was my first About Me when I was in college and when I created the delightgarrovillo.wordpress.com. ^^

Dalian Liaoning China

Hello! My name is Delight and this is my travel diary. I worked 9-5/8-5-12/4 in the corporate for seven years now with aspiring on how to just live to travel. But nope, the reality is I can’t because of several and personal reasons. With those reasons, restrictions and limitations, I still make sure that amidst the stringent schedule and stresses in the office, I am still making ways to travel and get out from the corners and walls in the office.

I was based in Cebu for the past 7 years and decided to transfer in Manila–for a change. I guess this is my way of traveling to the provinces of the Philippines without quitting my job. It wasn’t easy as the company didn’t shoulder my transfer, I saved up for the past few months and that is the money that I used to start my life in Manila. Right now, I am trying to go through the provinces of Luzon lil by lil, step by step and depending on my budget.

That’s just for now.  I hope to see you in one of my travels!

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