frustrated writer, pianist, violinist & artist.

Presently a 4th-year Bachelor of Science in Information & Technology student.


^^ And that was my first About Me when I was in college and when I created the delightgarrovillo.wordpress.com.


Hello! My name is Delight and this is my travel diary. I worked 9-5/8-5-12/4 in the corporate for seven years now with aspiring on how to just live to travel. But nope, the reality is I can’t because of several and personal reasons. With those reasons, restrictions and limitations, I still make sure that amidst the stringent schedule and stresses in the office, I am still making ways to travel and get out from the corners and walls in the office.

I was based in Cebu for the past 7 years and decided to transfer in Manila–for a change. I guess this is my way of traveling to the provinces of the Philippines without quitting my job. It wasn’t easy as the company didn’t shoulder my transfer, I saved up for the past few months and that is the money that I used to start my life in Manila. Right now, I am trying to go through the provinces of Luzon lil by lil, step by step and depending on my budget.

Here are my two projects (as of now),  these might not be inspiring as others’ list and fulfillment but I am just trying to look back and see how I started and to see the progress. From an unexpected dream come true travel to Thailand, now I have guts to travel solo.

Here are my travel chronicles or shall I say my out-of-office chronicles (my previous blog’s name):

Since I lived in Cebu for 7 long years, here are some blogs that I can share with you:

On the other note, I am also trying to be a helpful citizen on the technical world, so here’s my o365 notes for non-technical users. Again, as what I have said on this page, I am not a Microsoft Certified Professional, I just learned these things through experience.

Copy of Copy of next stop

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