5 Family-Friendly Activities in Boracay

I’ve only been to Boracay 3x and recently was my first time to be with my aunts, uncles and cousins. So, I’ve listed the Top 5 activities that you can do in Boracay:

  1. Paraw-Sailing

I first experienced this in November 2021 with Mai & Shayne and I wanted my family to try this too. This is a 30 min paraw ride, no gas, and it uses wind to go through the shores of Boracay upon sunset.

Best during sunset: Always check the sunset time in Boracay Island, if you set it up with a local, just give them a heads up that you will start 30 minutes or 15 minutes before the sunset time. By this, you will be able to catch the majestic sunset while sailing.

This is very friendly activity and safe for kids and senior citizens.

Cost: 2500/boat or 4000/8 persons

  • Explore Boracay Station 1, 2 & 3: Beach, Sunset, Food, Coffee & Desserts: This is a no-brainer activity. Best foods and experiences are always at the front beach. If you don’t want to do any activities, just look for a coffee shop or restaurants that offer happy hour and just chill.

Cost: Beach bumming is free, just pay for your own food.

  • Land Tour

I think this was just offered recently or when the New Coast Boracay opened. Most of the organizers or locals will offer a Php 500/hour per e-trike with a minimum of 2 hours and you’ll be able to reach the following destinations:

  • Boracay New Coast
  • Cujo’s Keyhole
  • Puka Beach
  • Ilig-iligan Beach

This can be done in 3 hours and you can manage if you want to not include the other destinations.

Cost: Php 350/way/destination for 6 persons or 500/hours per trike minimum of 2 hours

  • Parasailing

I’ve wanted this for along time, however it was just too pricey for me.  Two weeks ago, my ate and I decided to go even though ’t’s Php1600—I was hesitant, but then, we still did and we’re loving it. I posted a clip of our POV as I was able to brought my osmo pocket camera with me—here’s the link:

Cost Php 1500-1800

  • UFO for the Young, Wild & Adventurous souls -No amount of words can explain how the staff just circled us around and everything just went wild! We loved the adrenaline rush and the fun!

Cost: Php 700/pax for 7 persons

These are not fixed prices. If you know how to deal with and haggle, you can still find better prices than these.

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