[OSAKA, JAPAN] My Ichiran Experience in Osaka, Dotonbori for only ¥890

Address: 1 Chome-4-16 Dotonbori, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0071, Japan

Visit date: July 2019

After our Universal Studios adventure, we went ahead to Dotonbori to experience and eat ramen at Ichiran. We queued up for an hour, waited and filled out a paper where the staff will be giving out. Finally, it was our turn to order and I thought that the paper that was handed over was already our order form—turned out that it’s just your preference for your ramen. On the machine order taker, I chose the wrong option—instead of just choosing the plain ramen that for ¥890, I ended up buying the ¥1500 ramen. So to those who are travelling solo and wanted to try Ichiran. here’s how:

Here’s the fill out form for your customized ramen-

Ichiran Osaka

A closer look to the machine order taker… Again,

(1) drop your money;

(2) select your preferred ramen;

(3) get the ticket;

(4) once you are seated, give your ramen preference form and ticket to the staff):

Ichiran Osaka

Image below: JPY 1500


Image below: JPY 890

Ichiran Osaka

P.s: They are open even until late night—I am just not sure if this opens 24 hours. Bring cash, as there is no counter on this chain. You can always customize your ramen depending on your preference. Usually, Ichiran has a long queue yet there’s also hours that the store doesn’t have line, like in the afternoon.You can buy an Ichiran in a box for JPY 2000.

Do not be intimidated if you are alone and wanted to try things out in foreign countries. Everything is a learning experience. 🙂 Enjoy Ichiran!

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