My USJ Experience: Is Express Pass worth it?

Before we went to Japan, we already booked ourselves for Universal Studios Japan Express™ Pass 4 - Minion Ride.   I didn't book this when in Singapore, but for just an experience I agreed to get the Express Pass since it's only JPY 11 200 (JPY 10 371 without tax and *Prices may differ depending [...]

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – My POV

It wasn't magical because no magic so far but it was an amazing experience to be in WWoHP! Sure, I missed a lot because of time constraints, but I surely enjoyed WWoHP even for just a short span of time.  TICKET: It's included in the Studio Pass, yet if you want to avoid a pretty [...]

How to Get to Kyoto from Osaka without a JR Pass

How to go to Kyoto from Osaka: To those who use the typical MRT map, here’s one for you. I am that person who checks where the specific location in maps and look for a landmark. I'm bad with directions so I do not rely on google directions because I know I will not understand [...]