Crossing the Border: Thailand & Myanmar

Travel Date: May 2011

After the camp in Mae Sai, we drove Tachileik for less than an hour. I just learned that we will be crossing the border. It was like a “A Walk to Remember, two places at once scene”. Anyway, that was a quick half day tour in the border of Thailand & Myanmar. From Suvarnabhumi, Thailand (BKK) we were given a 30-day free VOA, when we went to cross the border of Thailand and Myanmar, it was in the middle of the month of May (14 daysbefore our Thailand visa will expire), so we were thinking that we don’t have a lot of questions since it’s not a visa-run. We paid 800 Baht upon entering the Kingdom of Myanmar and left our passport in the Immigration Office.


We just spent few hours in the border and here’s what you may see inside Tachileik’s border:

Shops are just after the border/bridge:


These guys can speak better English.


Shirts for less, just like our Divi in the Philippines.


A couple selling this fried banana 🙂


And this- inside Tachileik, Myanmar.


…Time to leave. 

I read a lot of blogs that there’s also a scam going on in this area. Myanmar’s rules and policies are very strict. There are a lot of travelers who are getting problems with the immigration, so please be careful upon going or crossing these borders. You might pay hefty fees.


On how we get there (Mae Sai):

We did it through Sombat Tour’s night bus from Bangkok at 8PM/10PM and we arrived at Mae Sae at 6AM (Please check the time table of the bus as it changes). Take the Bangkok to Mae Sai route. It comes with a dinner, neck pillow and blanket.



From Mae Sai, I am not really familiar on how to take a public transportation going to the border but I have found this blog and it’s very detailed about his Crossing the Border story:

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