Five Friendly Hiking Trails in Cebu

I am just grateful to meet new friends who loved to do both: Katkat (Hike) da Laag (Stroll). These peaks are just on my list until I met these guys. For the past few months that I indulged myself in hiking, here are my Top 5 Friendly Trails that you can even bring your kids [...]

Crossing the Borders of Malaysia & Brunei β€‹

Travel Date: 16-22MAY2018 From Kota Kinabalu – Brunei Darussalam via Ferry Go to Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal. Ticket counter opens at 6:30AM. Buy a ticket going to Labuan via Labuan Express Tiga. First trip is at 8:00 AM, last trip is at 1:30P with the arrival of 11:30 AM and 5 PM respectively. Prices starts [...]

Toledo City Peaks: Mt. Tagaytay &Udlom Peak: The Fascinating Toledo β€‹

Location: Toledo City, Cebu Hike Date:Β September 25, 2017 On Saturday, September 25, 2017, together with Katkat Da Laag, we went to Toledo City to experience Mt. Tagaytay, Udlom Peak and the Malubog Lake. It was one of the earliest meet-ups that happened since we were starting. πŸ™‚ Glad we were able to left the South [...]

Katkat Pasalamat 2017 at Mt. Naupa

Katkat Pasalamat Date:Β 23JUL2017   KALAG's First Thanksgiving.Β  The volunteers. Boodle fight! Satisfied and fulfilled. Everyone's thankful to everyone who helped financially and physically. Another memory that will not happen again, but sometimes through this, we were thankful that it happened.